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Date published: 2019-09-14
Originally published: Here. Excerpt below.

You might have noticed that Apple released a few new smartphones recently – including the iPhone 11 Pro, and while the Cupertino company gushed about its latest handsets, it became ever more apparent that it seems almost completely uninterested in its Macs and MacBooks.
I can sort of understand why. Smartphones are still thought of as exciting and modern, and they are a reliable way of getting people to fork out their hard-earned money every few years.
Laptops like the MacBook, however, are seen more as everyday workhorses that are there to do a job, but aren’t the status symbols they once were. They've lost their cool. While Apple once was a computer company, it’s now essentially a phone manufacturer.
A phone manufacturer that actually wants to be a camera maker. Surely the reason why Apple stuck three ugly lenses on the iPhone Pro, and spent most of its launch event talking about the photo and video capabilities of its new phones, was because it desperately wants to be Canon or Nikon – not Nokia. I can’t actually remember Apple talking about phone calls or 5G or anything that you’d use to make phone calls with. Using a phone to call people? Why, that’s almost as boring as a laptop!
Admit it Apple - you just want to make a camera
But taking photos? That’s what all the cool kids are doing, so let’s make a camera that can also make a few phone calls.
So I get it, I do. But, for anyone who still thinks of Apple as a computer company, for anyone who uses MacBooks and Macs, Apple’s neglect of that side of things is beginning to frustrate.
Falling out of love
So, what do I mean when I say Apple is neglecting its PC side of the business? After all, Apple has recently released new versions of its MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops. Surely, that means it still has an interest in its laptops?
In fact, I’d argue that Apple’s latest refreshes of its MacBooks is a clear sign of how disinterested Apple is in its laptops.
After all, there were no big new features, nor ...

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Apple is neglecting the MacBook in favor of the iPhone 11 – and that could cost it dearly - TechRadar #Apple #MacBooks #MacBook #tech

— NUS Trivia | tech news (@NusTrivia) September 14, 2019